Boris Giba
Computer science student

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About me

For me, learning is the key goal when approaching new situations or topics. For this reason, I always try to pursue new opportunities and challenges to expand my horizon. A good example of this would be when I first started working on my project for the German National Contest for AI (“Bundeswettbewerb Künstliche Intelligenz”).
Despite having little knowledge of the technical details, I imagined a clear goal. After three months of learning, trying, failing, and finally finishing my, to this day, biggest project I was invited to the national finale where I competed with the top 8 of over 2500 participants from all of Germany.

I am dedicated to learning more about the fascinating topic of machine learning, as well as helping others make their first steps into this field along the way. My main passion is learning more about machine learning. In my free time, I sometimes also play around with web development, particulary React.
I am proficient in: Python, Neural Networks, Computer Vision, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Pandas, Numpy, Scikit-Learn, Matplotlib.
I also have experience in: React, JavaScript (/TypeScript), HTML, CSS, Algorithms and Data Structures, Selenium, Git, Linux

I would love to connect with you! Feel free to contact me via E-Mail or LinkedIn!

Fun Facts

3 awards earned

took on 2 side jobs

2 papers written

participated at 3 hackathons / similar events

Awards and achievements